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BLOOM Robotics is a technology supplier of Industrial Robotic Systems for Mass Customization. Robotic Systems for large-scale 3d-printing, welding, milling and gluing with polymers.

With over 20 years of experience in system integration and robotics, we founded 3d-robotprinting in 2012. With this company, we concentrated solely on additive manufacturing (large-scale 3d-printing).

We were driven to develop new and better additive manufacturing machines and technologies while this company was in operation. But we didn’t have the time or resources within 3d-robotprinting to do it. This is what made us establish BLOOM Robotics to be able to develop new technologies and to innovate so we can change the world of additive manufacturing.

In the meantime, BLOOM Robotics has become the leading system integrator for turnkey Serial Additive Robotic systems for mass production. We work together with the best partners and technologies in the industry so we can ensure our customers get the best knowledge and products possible.

We’ve seen an increase in market demand for additive manufacturing and post-process automation in the last few years. As a result, we decided to combine our expertise in full production automation (milling, welding, gluing and more) with our experience in additive manufacturing to better serve our customers with all industrial automation queries.

We are THE partner in Serial (Additive) industrial Robotic production with our Systems for Mass Customization.

Our mission

We deliver turnkey integrated solutions to unlock your full robotic (additive) manufacturing potential.